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My Songs.

This is a collection of songs mostly written over the past two years since my reconnection with Folk. It contains a wide variety of songs, some humorous (I hope), a few romantic, a bit of soul searching and of course, traditional style folk songs.

1. Fire on the mountain. True reflection of my early years and introduction to the delights of young love.

2. Old Age Pension Race. When I was young I was considered to be a member of the "Human Race" but as soon as I got to a certain age, I became a Member of the" Old Age Pension Race".  Have a laugh at some off my old age problems!

3. Under a Heaven of Stars. A song for the romantics, of which I am one.

4. Musicbox. Heart breaking moment when a father, who is separated from the mother, has to say goodbye to his child and hand her back.

5. There's always sun on Sundays. This song is based on the lives of the miners from the village I was born in, although many years before.

They went to work in the dark and came home in the dark, six days a week and only saw the sun on Sundays.

6. The Shepherd's nervous breakdown. When attempting to write a piece about the shepherds in olden days bringing their sheep down off the mountain to market in Newport, I woke up with this very different song in my head.

7. I'm so over you. The aftermath of a relationship breakup. I'll let you decide whether I was over it or not lol.

8. Forgotten people. I wrote this after seeing someone in the street, huddled in a sleeping bag during the recent extremely cold weather.

9. Australian through and through. I wrote this after one of my regular trips to that wonderful country. They are good at every sport and this takes it to the limit. Sing along with the chorus.

10. In the wings. Everyone who walks out in front of an audience deserves admiration. Standing in the wings waiting to go on can be terrifying even for hard-bitten pros and this song hopefully gives an insight to the experience. It is also a metaphor for life.

11. Take me home to the mountain stream. Folk song with a country twist. Retrospective song with a kick.

12. You'll be movin' on. To finish: A conversation with someone whose heart has just been broken.

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